I know, is there anything I can't do? Yes - be normal

How Did I Get Here, and Why?

After being fired from every office job I had ever had, I decided to embrace my inner talents. Those God-given gifts everyone is talking about. Never knew what it meant, until I actually tried DOING what it was I loved - acting, comedy, and (yes sometimes) modelling. I am a firm believer in that we are all human, and that is what my comedy is about - saying what's on your mind and in your heart. I am here to make everyone I interact with feel better about the fact that we're all gonna die. No one's gettin' out of here alive, so eat that Pogo! You have my permission. You're welcome.

Ask me anything pipsqueek!
Ill actually answer you

About Me

A Girls First Time on TV

What a Day...

That would be me

Ahhhh that would be my TV debut on the Matchgame. I was bitten with the TV bug that day. I loved the camera, and the camera loved me. My celebrity panel was Russell Peters, Debra DiGiovanni, and Bobby Lee (to name a few). And to add the cherry to the day, Bobby Lee asked me after we finished taping, "Are you a comedian?", to which I excitedly reply, "omg kinda?! I DUNNO". Then he says, "Well you should be". SO I GUESS I AM NOW A COMEDIAN (after that moment, I thought I should try it more seriously).

Why I  Animals

We do not have time for a thesis on here. Nor I do think the internet has enough space for me to go in to the grave detail I would. But Ill sum it up for you – they’re not selfish pieces of shit. What do they want for Christmas? Literally nothing. A fresh bowl of water maybe? They love you unconditionally and all animal abusers should be shot and forgotten about. Ill stand by that political statement WHOLE HEARTEDLY.

Why I  Coffee

I sweat, I get jittery, so long story short, it turns me into a power ranger. I am a tea girl instead

My Favourite Music

I’d be lying to you if I said my Schmoodles name wasn’t Beyonce. So I guess you could say my favorite music is Beyonce. I actually love her so much I can’t even listen to it. Makes sense right?

  • When I am on my FB, I can't tell if I am looking at my newsfeed or your profile

    — Anyone on my Facebook —
  • Are you a comedian? Cause you should be

    — Bobby Lee —
  • You have a big head,so that will make you a great actress

    — Andrew Timothy Westbrook—
  • I have full confidence in you, but I worry about you

    - Aaron Haber, Comedy Coach

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If being in a relationship is equal to how dope u r than I should’ve been married ten years ago… https://t.co/ocTfpKzBuG 
Ashley Sirianni  @followthetrizzl
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Ashley Sirianni  @followthetrizzl
I was overwhelmed. To say I was overwhelmed is an UNDERSTATEMENT. After the 3rd one I had a full… https://t.co/t7BnxLzlyX 
Ashley Sirianni  @followthetrizzl
Remember that time for a minute where I didn’t post anything in the summer for like 2 months… https://t.co/wkLwk6gW5p 



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