After being fired from every office job I've had, I decided to embrace my inner talents. Those God-given gifts everyone is talking about. Never knew what it meant, until I actually tried DOING what it was I love: acting, comedy, and storytelling. I am a firm believer in the human experience, and that is what comedy is about - saying what's on your mind and in your heart. I am here to make everyone I interact with feel connected to their life experience and laugh our way through the pain. Since shifting from the 9-5 life, I've produced the 5-9 Show at Comedy Bar, a place where the soul comes alive and a popular and intimate show experience. It's like sitting in my living room. As a Second City alumni I've used my training and expertise in acting and all of my creative endeavours. My newest passion is Comedy Camps for Kids. These camps will help shape the future for thinking, feeling children, that can eventually shift the consciousness of humanity.

Comedy Camps

Comedy is an incredible way and tool for young minds to learn about the MOMENT. Some kids are so overwhelmed by the amount of information that they have access to that they have anxieties about the past and the future. Improv and standup teaches kids the following skill set:


A bit about the teacher:

Ashley was your resident “funny girl” from about birth to present day. She’s cultivated her natural joys and abilities into a thriving career for herself in both the comedy and acting world. She’s a Second City Alumni from the Toronto Training Centre and has done comedy all over Toronto and New York. She is one of the top female show producers downtown of The 5-9 Show which is a sell out every time. Being the eldest of 4 siblings, she has inspired and invigorated those around her to live their most authentic life, following their own personal joys, and CHEERLEADING THEM ALL THE WAY THERE!!! Your kids will LOVE her. Just watch n wait.


Classes are currently being held out of Vellore Village Community Centre in Vaughan and run on the following schedule:

Tuesday’s from 6-8 pm for ages 7-9

Thursday’s from 6-8 pm for ages 10-12

Classes are on a 7 week cycle with a graduation show at the end in which the students showcase their talents and excitements to their parents.

Classes are $275 plus HST

There are also weekend/day intensives, and birthday parties available – inquire for individual rates and availability.


  • When I am on my FB, I can't tell if I am looking at my newsfeed or your profile.

    - Anyone on my Facebook
  • Are you a comedian? Cause you should be.

    - Bobby Lee
  • You have a big head, so that will make you a great actress.

    - Andrew Timothy Westbrook
  • I have full confidence in you.

    - Aaron Haber, Comedy Coach


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